A Deficit Of Kindness

294.2If we strive to return to the state that existed before the shattering brought by the Creator, then we reveal a higher power within our unity. Therefore, the practical science of Kabbalah is entirely based on connection. It is from this point of view that we must consider our whole life and especially what is happening to us now.

In our so-called last generation, all the forces of nature start to act against us at all levels of the modern world. And this is intended to reveal to us the futility of all our attempts to correct our life at the still, vegetative, and animate levels we still exist in. The correction must take place precisely at the human level so that love can cover all transgressions.

Only then will we be able to reach spiritual existence, only if we correct and establish it by connecting all our separate and opposite parts. The spiritual world begins to open between us and all of nature pushes us toward this. If we do not agree to live like animals that live today only to die tomorrow, but want to achieve immortality and perfection, this exists only on the spiritual degree and not on the still, vegetative, or animate levels.

The spiritual level can be revealed only inside our connection, that is, when we rise above our still, vegetative, and animate nature to take the desires of the human level, broken and divided by hatred and mutual rejection, and make efforts to bring them to unity.

And then, based on this difference in potentials between the rejection due to the division in the human level and the connection that we will be able to achieve on it—within the tension that arises between these two levels—the result of our efforts will manifest as the advantage of light over darkness, that is, the advantage of connection over rejection.

And we will be able to understand the spiritual world, the spiritual force, that is, the Creator, revealed to us in accordance to the measure of our union and love above all rejections and wars.

Therefore, as humanity develops, more and more forces of separation and states of recognition of evil are revealed. Modern civilization is not deficient in anything except for one thing: correct, good relations between us. Then we would easily be able to adjust both our corporeal and spiritual life in the best way.

This is the ultimate goal of our existence. And all problems and troubles, personal and general, that are growing day by day, are designed to show us the need to recognize evil. It will become clear that all our happiness and unhappiness depends only on our connection or distancing, which determines everything that happens in nature.

Therefore, extinguishing fires, planting trees, and all other measures will not help us. Only through our connection with each other can we favorably affect the whole of nature. And by moving away from one another, we destroy the entire environment. So, from the human level, we influence the inanimate world, plants, and animals.

Humanity will have to learn from the new science—the wisdom of Kabbalah—that by our connecting or distancing, we influence the entire universe, everything that happens on Earth: typhoons, extreme heat and cold, planets and stars. In the end, everything depends only on the degree of connection or distance between people.

We still have to understand this new science, to what extent we can with our inner properties cause the entire universe to be a good and harmonious world. This is the science of the generation of the Messiah, the end of correction; to the extent that we can correct ourselves, we will see such phenomena in the world around us.

It is necessary to understand that absolutely nothing in nature around us in the macrocosm and microcosm can change except as a result of connection or distance between people. It is very important to correctly direct your thoughts and desires and realize that everything depends on this.

At first, we lack the sensitivity to reveal this. But if we start to think about it more and more, then as in any profession, we will achieve perfection, the subtlety of perception that will allow us to feel how it all actually works.

The human level is above the still, vegetative, and animate, and therefore, only by our unity can we bring the entire universe and especially the planet Earth and its surroundings to complete balance at all levels.

The strength of our unity is the engine that carries us forward to the world of absolute good, united by positive connections.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/4/21, “The Creator is Revealed in the Connection Between Us”

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