By 2030?

626Comment: Some project that by 2030 people will not own anything and will rent everything they want: goods, services, housing, cars, almost everything. Much will be provided by subscription.

It sounds kind of strange. We always wanted a garden, a vegetable patch, a house to pass on to our children, so that something would be mine, permanent. And suddenly they forecast that all this will slowly die off. This is how humanity will live.

My Response: In order for this to happen by 2030, it is necessary for a lot of things to happen in advance. There is a lot of realization in private property, in work, in the connection between people – in all this. In relation to the family, to children, to the country. All these natural connections of people between themselves: the community, the country, the town, everything there is!

We do not even imagine that all this still lives in us. We give it all away and transfer it from ourselves for the benefit of society, in doing that I transfer myself for the benefit of society.

Comment: And I would live just leasing, I would rent everything.

My Response: It’s not about renting. The fact is that at the same time I shift, I give my future into someone else’s hands. Do they have to be strangers? Or should they be like a child in its mother’s arms? This is a huge difference!

I can’t believe that it will be by 2030.

Question: But do you think that you really need to somehow cut yourself off from egoism?

Answer: The fact that you need to cut yourself off is certain. The fact that people will want to cut  it off from themselves through suffering or by the way of the upper light is also surely certain.

When? Sooner or later it will happen. The trend is there, it is planned, it has existed since the creation of the world and it cannot be changed in any way. It is this tendency that leads this whole world in a certain direction.

Comment: Which means, I give up my personal property that I acquired and transfer it to the kind, warm hands of my friends, the country that takes care of me, and I live renting, and I rent everything. No one cheats me, and so on.

My Response: It will be, absolutely! We are getting closer to this every day, but not at this pace.

But if there are already those who say this… they have always said it…the very first societies were communist.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 7/22/21

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