False Rationality Of Egoism

115.06The basis of our yearning for the Creator is called the “point in the heart.” I feel that this point is pulling me, but I do not know where and I do not know who is doing it either. Yet, I want to know what is the meaning of life, its purpose, where did I come from and where am I going, and why is this life given to a person?

These questions concern many people in childhood and adolescence, but then they disappear. After all, hormones begin to act, and the world confuses us with its illusory values that distract our attention from the right questions: What am I living for?

However, there are people who cannot extinguish the point in their heart that draws them to the connection with the Creator, and therefore they come to the wisdom of Kabbalah. Then they have a choice whether to act according to their own mind, according to what they see in this world, what is called the “rational” approach.

It is funny that we call this “rational.” Is it possible to call the way a person behaves on this earth, rational, deliberate? How is it possible to make a rational decision if we do not know our future, we cannot connect ourselves to it, in order to take a step forward toward the future that we see, understand, and control based on the analysis of the present and future state? Then we could call our behavior rational. But  if we have no idea about the future, then we cannot talk about any rational action.

We call rational steps when we rely on our egoism, which does not see what will happen in the next moment. Sometimes we even see that we are harming ourselves, but we cannot stop. We discover today in all human activity that we are doing everything wrong, destroying the Earth and our lives, moving toward wars and troubles, and at the same time, we cannot stop ourselves.

We are even worse than animals, because they do not do that. The animal will stop immediately if it senses danger. A person, however, cannot stop. After all, egoism is stronger than us, it is given from above and tells us what to do. And we obediently follow its orders, instead of the instructions of our animalistic instinct of self-preservation.

This is why we are destroying the planet, destroying the world, jeopardizing our future. This is called that we act on the basis of false “rationality” and according to reason. As if there is any reason in this crazy egoistic race.

To act “above reason” means that we accept the will of the Creator and His approach and begin to act according to it. This means that we appreciate the acts of bestowing above the acts of reception, that is, Bina governs Malchut, and not vice versa when Malchut, the will to receive, suppresses the qualities of Bina, the inclination to bestow.

If we organize a group that elevates and appreciates the quality of bestowal more than egoistic qualities, then we want to exist with the force of Bina, bestowal, which is above reason, above the egoistic will to receive.

To the extent that we elevate the level of Bina above the level of Malchut so that the will to bestow is higher and more respected for us than our will to receive, we build the exaltedness of the Creator. The Creator, the degree of Bina, becomes greater in our eyes than the degree of Malchut.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/7/21, Baal HaSulam, Shamati #14 “What Is the Exaltedness of the Creator?”

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