Such An Opportunity Exists!

289We have no other choice: we must acquire the force of bestowal in addition to the egoistic force of reception given to us by nature. And then we will have in our hands two reins with which we can control the world and our lives.

But where do we get this force of bestowal? It exists in nature, but it is absolutely alien to us. Man was created with the sole force of egoism and cares only about receiving.

We need a second force, an altruistic one, in order to build a complete system with the help of two forces and to be able to control the world with two reins, like a rider of a horse.

And there is such an opportunity! The second force is present in nature; you just need to learn how to use it. If we want to attain the force of bestowal, we can act by combining two opposite forces—just like nature works where there are plus and minus, heat and cold, etc. All of nature except man consists of two opposites: the entire still, vegetative, and animate world, as well as the still, vegetative, and animate level in man himself.

And only man, in his inner intention, acts with the sole force of reception. There is no force of bestowal in him at all. Even if he gives, it is only with intention to receive something; that is, his giving is a hidden reception.

This is our problem and because of it we cannot build a normal society or family. We cannot perceive reality correctly because it is woven from two forces. We are in a spiritual, infinite world, but we do not feel it. We lack only one more organ of perception for us to sense it, the organ of bestowal in addition to reception.

And then, we will feel a complete, perfect system, and understand where we exist and how to live. We will discover that we are actually eternal and perfect! We are not so temporary and mortal as it seems to us now when we observe everything with only one sense, which is so tiny, short-sighted, and does not see beyond the degrees of this world.

The universe is much bigger and higher, but we cannot even feel it with this desire to receive that we have; it is so pitiable.

All systems of nature consist of two balanced forces: reception and bestowal, plus and minus, absorption and segregation. And the human system contains only one force, and we always face shattering because we want to use only the power of reception and not the power of bestowal. We lack a second force. We are obliged to establish systems of bestowal between us. Yet, we are not capable of this by nature, and therefore we need to build a new relationship between us.

No one is born with the force of bestowal. Everyone knows that small children pull everything to themselves and do not agree to let it go from their hands. This is our nature. And how do we build systems that will fulfill us and balance our relationships?

We need to achieve a balance. No one forbids us to use the power of reception, but it is necessary to balance it with bestowal, and then the human system will begin to work correctly like metabolism in the body, like all natural systems.

Otherwise, we exist in nature as a hostile, foreign body, like a cancerous tumor.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/6/21, Writings of Rabash, Note 919, “Concerning the Environment”

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