Conditions For Revealing Actions Of The Creator

530How can we begin to feel the Creator within the connection with our friends in the ten? The main work is to explore all the aspects of our coming closer to each other and distancing from each other at the level of feelings. If we try to establish the correct relations between our friends in practice, then we will begin to feel the Creator within these actions.

If we do not make these attempts together, then how can we create the Creator? After all, it is said: “You have made Me,” that is, we build the Creator. We must connect with each other so closely that we begin to understand what is called “the Creator.”

We need to assemble the Creator from our desires as if from Lego blocks. If, despite the rejection from each other, we yearn to connect above it, then by scrutinizing these two states together, disconnection and connection, distancing and coming closer, we will begin to reveal who the Creator is, whom we assemble and build as a result of our actions.

If we do not have a ten and the opportunity to build the Creator within it in this way, then there is no chance and no hope that He will ever be revealed. If my friends and I do not put together His image from our cubes, we will not be able to reveal Him. We are standing right next to the opportunity to build the Creator, but we are not building Him!

The Creator is called “come and see” (Bo-Reh). When we build our connection with the desire and intention to complete each other and assemble something common, we feel how it begins to come to life.

Imagine that we take inanimate particles from nature, atoms in which there is nothing but negative and positive charges, and connect them together in such a way that suddenly we get something alive and developing. Atoms connect with each other so that they turn into an organic molecule, that is, into living matter inside of which there is life, and the secret of life is hidden within it. All the foundations and secrets of creation are hidden inside the DNA, and where does this force of life come from?

How do inanimate particles, protons, electrons, neutrons, and mesons by their connection bring themselves to such a state that a force called “life” is suddenly revealed inside them? We do not understand this, we only see that instead of inorganic bricks, from which we had to build a house, like from children’s blocks, something alive suddenly appears, which builds itself and grows by itself.

The force of the Creator awakens in them, the force of creation, and they begin to connect with each other. We only create conditions for them; we as if give the Creator the opportunity to be revealed. Then they begin to build themselves and the act of creation takes place, Maase Bereshit.

Therefore our work is not to get inside and interfere with the work of the Creator, but to create conditions for revealing the action of the upper force.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/11/21, Shamati #19 “What Is ‘The Creator Hates the Bodies,’ in the Work?”

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