See The World Through Other People

423.02Question: How can we understand the expression “Look at the world not through the prism of your egoism, but through other people?”

Answer: In principle, this is how it turns out. If a person lived alone after birth or, like in a fairy tale, was fed and raised by a she-wolf, he would remain so forever. Our development takes place only in the society we find ourselves in.

Society is a lens through which I tune in to the Creator. The Creator is the property of bestowal, and if I give to other people as He does, then I seem to be in similarity of properties with Him.

There is no other method of manifesting bestowal here. “From love for creatures, to love for the Creator,” this is the only way connection is revealed.

Question: Can we say that society, all eight billion people, is a tool through which I can connect with the Creator?

Answer: Whether I like it or not, I am always connected with them and through them I go to the Creator. The Creator acts on me both through them and directly. He affects us in every way. And we can influence Him only as we unite with other people.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 9/10/21

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