The Rhythm Of The Development Of The Degrees

243.01She sits there for as long as she sits there and dresses there in a form of this world. In the beginning of the month and on the Sabbath, when she wishes to rise to the upper Garden of Eden, the righteous in the Garden of Eden give her a letter as a sign. (The Book of Zohar)

“They give her a letter”—meaning either to a person or to a soul. There are certain nuances regarding who is given the letter: the male or female part of the soul. Therefore, sometimes it is said “he,” sometimes it is said “she.” But the neuter gender does not exist in Hebrew, since the neuter gender is the correct combination of the masculine and feminine. It arises only within a person and means equivalence of form to the Creator.

It is said in The Book of Zohar: “She sits there for as long as she sits there.”

Each degree has its own specific rhythm of development, certain technical parameters, given information, when one degree should end and a new one should arise in our development.

For example, whether you want to or not, a year passes and you become a year older. It is the same in the spiritual world: you must work out the previous degree, its ten Sefirot, and rise to the next degree.

Therefore, each step that fulfills itself is like a new month, a new moon, a change. In Hebrew, the month is called “Hodesh,” from the word “Hadash” – “new.”
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #19

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