How Does One Reveal The Spiritual World?

laitman_276_02Comment: There is a feeling that you aren’t talking about what happens in the spiritual world, you are hiding what people are engaged with there and everything else.

Answer: For the last 3,500 years a few hundred books have been written about the spiritual world by great Kabbalists who investigated and discovered the upper world. As for me, I am the smallest and the last in the chain of Kabbalists, so if my words are inadequate, I recommend taking their books and start reading!

Then you will find out how you must change yourself so you can see the upper world, learn how to expand it, and penetrate more deeply into it. This is also true for sciences like nuclear physics or the synthesis of medicines and the like. These are very complex things and the wisdom of Kabbalah is even more complex because it is found beyond the perception of our regular senses.

It must be understood that it is not possible to explain the wisdom of Kabbalah, so I don’t exactly explain but teach. The wisdom of Kabbalah teaches a person how to open his eyes and see the upper world. It is similar to looking at a stereogram in which you need to defocus your vision to see the hidden image. When the view is concentrated on the picture it seems that there is nothing there except for lines, and suddenly with defocusing your vision a three-dimensional picture can be seen there of roaming dinosaurs or anything else. This happens when vision is fully dispersed.

The wisdom of Kabbalah can teach a person to disperse the focus like this with all the senses! Then all five senses become directed toward the next more internal level and we begin to enter into a picture of the world that is beyond its borders and we feel all of creation! I cannot explain this, I can only recommend how to disperse the focus on oneself, how to feel the upper world instead of this world, and enter into the next dimension.

In fact, we exist in all five spiritual worlds! And our world, which is found on the lowest level of development, is not counted among them. There are five worlds that are composed of 125 levels, which are found above our world; they exist here and now, but we don’t feel and see them. But we come in contact with them unconsciously, and they influence us. The role of a person is to discover the upper world and to carry out a focal dispersion on all of his egoistic approaches to life and begin to perceive the altruistic world that exists according to laws that are the opposite of the laws of our world: altruism instead of egoism, love instead of hatred, concern for others rather than concern for oneself.

The Torah doesn’t just say “And you shall love your friend as yourself” (Leviticus 19:18) for no reason at all. This is the general law of the upper world, and if you want to feel it, try practicing this attitude toward the world. This is possible only if a person enters into a circle of people like him who are eager to attain the true reality.

When a group of people like this gather together and begin to practice attitudes like this with each other, attitudes of love and concern, attention and support, then suddenly, as if in a fog, the hidden world that surrounds us will begin to appear and be revealed. The entire Kabbalistic method is based upon this, and no Kabbalist can tell us about the spiritual world because we don’t have internal models that match its sensation. In our world, we are already born with models that make it possible to feel the spiritual world, and even though they are incomplete, we acquire them. Why do newly born babies not hear and later begin to hear?  Why don’t they see at first and then begin to see? It is because these models are created in us gradually, we develop our senses. I suggest everyone to begin engaging in the study of the wisdom of Kabbalah, which derives its name from the word, “Le’Kabel,” to receive, to receive perception of the upper world.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 3/20/16

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