Confidence In The Right Path

629.4Question: Does a person need to believe in himself? When he begins to study the science of Kabbalah, should he be sure that he will be able to attain the upper world and take the next steps?

Answer: If a person has questions about his fate, about the upper force, why all nature is created in this way, what it wants from him, and what is intended for him, then he must find that out no matter what.

And it doesn’t matter what else arises in front of him, just put the rest aside, dismiss it: right now I’m doing this. You must clarify the issues that concern you and then you will decide whether to go further into the study of Kabbalah or not. But in principle you should not miss this opportunity.

Question: What is confidence in the path?

Answer: It is a feeling that without figuring out my path I see that I am simply lost in this life and I have nothing to live for. I look at others and how they live, I don’t want to live like that. I have to live with a purpose, with “lightning” in my heart, and see my life path in this.

Having found this out, I will already decide what to do next. I need it. Otherwise, why do I exist? If a person has such an approach to life, one must implement it.

Question: The word “confidence” has a correlation with the word “faith,” but at the same time, as far as I understand, a person should not believe in anything just like that. He should be sure to clarify exactly what is most important.

Answer: You do not have to believe in anything or succumb to any arguments of others. You need to go only in unison with your opinion, read books that talk directly to your heart, and thus move forward.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalah Express” 7/19/21

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