A Breakthrough To Life

233Apart from me, there is only one unified and unique force operating in all of reality. It fills the whole world I live in, but I am inside an airtight bubble that allows me to supposedly not depend on it.

And so I exist until I begin to want to break through the walls of this bubble I am locked within like a drop of semen that doesn’t have the possibility to enter the womb and start developing. I want to enter the upper in order to start developing. Therefore, I rip this bubble, come out of it, and start becoming more and more included in the Creator.

If I want to stop being a slave to my desire to receive and to start living in the spiritual world, I must take into account the greatness of the Creator more than the greatness of myself. And if I imagine that the greatness of the Creator is greater than my own greatness, that is, He is superior to me, then I can perform the actions that He demands from me: actions of bestowal, connection, and love. This means that I ask the Creator to elevate me to Him.

We are inside the Creator but everyone is locked in their egoistic bubble. If we come out of this bubble, we begin to feel a huge common upper force, that is, the Creator, the upper light. And if we do not break out of this bubble, we continue to exist in it as every person lives, immersed in himself and feeling nothing else.

Still, vegetative, and animate matter cannot get out of their bubbles and are doomed to exist inside them. They can be freed from them only thanks to man to the extent that they are required by man for his spiritual ascent.

All we need to do is to get out of the egoistic bubble that locks us inside ourselves.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/27/21, “Annulling Before the Upper One”

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