Let’s Make Space Inside Of Us For The Creator

276.01The entire reality is filled with our great egoism. The entire world, inanimate nature, plants, animals, and people, all these are degrees of our egoistic desire in which we must begin to make room for the force of bestowal, the force of the Creator.

We work inside ourselves, inside our perception of the world, our connection, and create a place where the Creator can place the embryo of His quality of bestowal and begin to grow within us.

The Creator influences us both from within and without. We are inside the white light, which has purposely restricted itself so that we can exist in it. Thus, we find ourselves inside an empty space freed from the presence of the Creator, and we do not feel Him.

A ray of light entered into this empty space and started building spiritual objects and worlds inside this emptiness. Therefore, we are inside the Creator, under His full control. But this is how it looks from the side of the Creator.

From the side of the created beings, we exist in an empty space, supposedly free from the control of the Creator because we do not see this control and do not feel it. Therefore, we think that we are the masters of this world and our lives.

But in fact, the Creator educates us and brings us to the realization that we do not know where we really are. Then we begin to search for what our life depends on and discover that there is the upper force that determines and realizes everything, and we yearn to reveal it.

This is how it happened to all the Kabbalists of the past generations until they disclosed the method that allows us to connect with the Creator and passed on to us the method of revealing the Creator to the created beings in this world, which is called the wisdom of Kabbalah.
From the World Kabbalah Convention, “Discovering Life In The Ten” 2/27/21, “Ibur in the Ten,” Lesson 5

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