Integrate In The Ten—Make Space For The Thought Of Creation

laitman_619The thought of creation includes everything, even me, but I myself aspire to attain it. The Creator has given me this opportunity, as if He had created a white spot in me called “the deficiency for the Creator.” I develop this deficiency and direct it to the upper one.

I confirm that indeed there is none else beside the Creator, and I myself am included in this concept. On my part, I do not want to change anything in the entire reality; I only want to attain the Creator, to connect with the thought of creation. This means adhesion with the Creator.

The more efforts we put into this, the more we develop, change forms, advance along the axis of time. All kinds of changes will take place in us, and we will feel that we are beginning to take His form. This is like in our world: by getting closer to a person, we gradually adopt his habits and tastes. This is how we begin to take the form of the Creator, to adopt His thought, and it becomes ours. This is how we reach adhesion with Him.

The Creator created the thought and we are part of it, included in it. Besides, He gave us the opportunity to reformat ourselves in likeness to this thought and thus be included in the Creator. This thought enters us as if a program is loaded into the computer but according to our own desire and request.

Then it reformats and organizes us so that in everything there is in us, in all the 620 elements and desires, we begin to feel the upper force that is operating within us. Gradually, this force fills us as if a progress bar is running on the computer indicating the percentage of the download and reaches one hundred percent. Similarly, the thought of creation operates on us according to our efforts, and then it enters us. It means that we are getting filled with the Creator and adhere to Him.1

Are the efforts to adhere to the Creator personal work or work in the ten? The fact is that all personal work consists of integrating in the ten. Although, it might take an entire lifetime or sometimes more than one lifetime. Look at how much humanity has been wandering until it finally understood that there is no choice and that it is necessary to work on connection. Indeed, otherwise we are incompatible with the nature of the Earth and it will erase us from the planet. How much time, suffering, and work did it take to realize this?

All the work before integrating into the group is just preparation for the real work. When I begin to integrate into it, the progress bar as if begins to move, which indicates the percentage of the program uploaded. To the extent that I integrate in the group, I make space for the thought of creation to enter and fill me.

To the extent that I free space from myself and integrate in the ten, the thought of creation can fill my connection with the group, that is, the corrected Kli. This is how I get filled and come to similarity and adhesion with the Creator. This adhesion becomes increasingly stronger all the time.

The work on adhesion with the Creator is possible only in the ten. In the past, that is, in the past degrees of humanity’s development, this was not the case, and there were other ways to reach adhesion with the Creator. However, in our time, it is the only way.2
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/22/19, “There is None Else Besides Him”
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2 Minute 13:15

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