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562.01Question: How can I properly love my neighbor as myself if I understand that I am naturally subject to the Creator?

Answer: If you understand that it is impossible to love your neighbor in any way because you love only yourself and the Creator gives you everything, then you should turn to Him. That’s all.

Only the Creator is to blame for what is happening in your country and in the whole world in general. He does all this so that we turn to Him and ask Him to change our nature.

After all, with the change of our nature by the Creator, at our own request, there is the attainment of the highest degree of governance from where all the signals descend. Thus, we rise higher and higher to His level of governance. The Creator is a global law, a global force of nature, that includes everything in itself, generates and controls absolutely everything.

By ascending to Him, we can feel the lower layers in ourselves that we rise above. That is why He arranged everything. That is what it is said: “I created an evil inclination, and you will figure out where it came from, and who can fix it.” Any evil, any bad manifestation, comes from the Creator only in order for us to start turning to Him.

It’s very simple. We just need to get together and start implementing it.

Moreover, it is very difficult for one person to do this; he must be in a group of like-minded people. After all, with the support of the group when everyone pushes and correctly directs each other to the Creator, gathers in tens, and forms a common system between you, you will be able to squeeze out such an appeal to the Creator that will force Him to change His attitude toward you.

The Creator specifically gives us problems so that we ask Him to change us. And He Himself cannot change, He is the absolute. He can change us so that we begin to understand His nature and His attitude toward us as good and kind.

To the extent that our egoistic nature changes to an altruistic one, we begin to see the world, ourselves, and everyone around us as kind, pleasant, and united. But, first of all, we must support each other in turning to the Creator, and only in order for Him to correct us.

Usually, the Creator is asked to change Himself and treat us better. And Kabbalah teaches us how to turn to the Creator so that He corrects us. And then we will understand that He treats us correctly and well. As we change, we will begin to feel it.

For example, a child does not like how his parents treat him, all the time limiting and instructing him. But when he gets smarter, he understands that this is for his own good and he accepts everything correctly. So let’s try to be good children.
From KabTV’s “Videoconference”

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