The Opposite World Is The World Of Love

608.02Question: What does it mean: “I saw the opposite world”?

Answer: The opposite world is a world of love that exists on the qualities that are the opposite of our world, i.e., on the qualities of bestowal, love, attraction, and work on one’s egoism.

Our world works only on egoism, on filling it. Therefore, the upper world is called the opposite of our world.

In Kabbalah, there is a transition from Lo Lishma (for myself) to Lishma (for others) when I make efforts from my egoistic qualities and, as if, acquire the opposite world.

By applying these efforts, I still get egoistic energy, I still try to reveal the Creator for myself, for my own sake. Then, at some point, He gives me the strength to do it purely altruistically, without any connection with myself. This is my reward.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 7/2/21

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