Seduction Of The Original Serpent

571.08Zohar for All, Chayei Sarah, Item 72: Similarly, several groups of lights of Klipot came out to the world from that first, upper serpent by which Adam was seduced. And they are all appointed over the secret deeds of the world.

Question: It is written that the serpent used to have legs. Was it something similar to dinosaurs?

Answer: It means that the serpent, that is, our egoism, was able to exist independently.

At first, egoism appeared as a separate quality, and once it was absorbed into us and mixed with the rest of the qualities, it lost its limbs and now it is located inside all our thoughts, forces, actions, and decisions. Therefore, this serpent no longer exists independently, so to speak.

Question: What is this construction: Adam, Eve, serpent?

Answer: Adam, Eve, the serpent, the Creator, the world—all this exists within one person. Absolutely everything!

Comment: I recently saw a painting of some fun-loving artist: Adam and Eve are near a tree, the serpent closes Adam’s eyes with its tail and attracts him to her. People imagine all sorts of things about this.

My Response: We should not imagine anything because we are talking about the qualities of a person. Adam is the desire to bestow, to exit oneself. Eve is the desire to receive, a part of our nature. Therefore, egoism has no direct contact with Adam.

Adam, as if, is eager to get out of the person. But not Eve. This is our quality to be filled, to receive, to gain, and therefore, egoism is accumulated in her.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #16

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