On The Eve Of A Great Turning Point

749.02Question: Can we say that everyone who crosses the Jordan, this spiritual border, is ready to work in bestowal?

Answer: No. There are still many steps of correction before them. Crossing the Jordan means that you are making a commitment to correct yourself, but this is at that moment, in the given desires that manifest themselves inside you.

When a person enters the land of Israel, so many adversaries are revealed to him—his inner desires, his intentions! He must yet fight against them, win, bend them, work with them! Transition is an agreement. Transition is a borderline, but victory is still far away.

Question: Our generation is now, one way or another, facing crossing the Jordan to enter the land of Canaan and turn it into the land of Israel. Does this apply to the whole of humanity or only to its advanced parts?

Answer: No, this does not apply to humanity. It will gradually come to a state in which it will be forced to give up its egoism since it will become convinced that the ego is killing it and that it is instead necessary to accept the quality of altruism because it is possible to exist only in it. The inner qualities of a person seem to be crossing over to the side of Israel because they are convinced that such is the imperative of the times.

I hope that we are already approaching such a state in humanity when we see how these conclusions are made, primarily by the people of Israel. And the rest will follow. This will be a great turning point.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 7/26/21

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