In The World Of Desires

276.02In our world, every person has many different desires. But the most basic of them, which includes absolutely all desires, is the desire to enjoy, to fill oneself; it is a person’s ego. All of them are inherent in each of us to varying degrees. Everyone is guided precisely by their own desires and opportunities to fill them.

The desires we are born with are absolutely selfish. We see this starting with young children and ending with almost all people in the world. Only a small child does not reckon with anything; he screams and demands  his desires be fulfilled.

Adults already understand that they cannot do everything to satisfy their desires at the expense of others. We have problems and conflicts because we constantly want something and the world around us, the people around us, may not agree with it.

A person’s desire to satisfy his egoism always meets some kind of restriction or even contradiction on the part of those around him. Therefore, we are constantly trying to understand how we can fill ourselves in a way that we do not receive rejection from others.

There are selfish desires in action when I want to fulfill myself and I succeed. These desires are in everyone, but they are not always possible to realize and therefore a person suffers.

There are desires to fulfill oneself that are realized in the action of bestowal. If, for example, I love someone, then my external actions may be giving, not receiving, but at the same time I enjoy, I fulfill myself. We give gifts to a loved one, but still, this is not giving but receiving. After all, in principle, at the same time, I fill myself. I give these gifts to myself, not to someone else.

In our world, giving to someone else free of charge, without fulfilling your desire, your egoism, is impossible.

To teach us how to do this, there is the science of Kabbalah. But here, too, there are many different conditions. This is a difficult science.

Thus, the desire to enjoy in us is graduated into the desire to receive, the desire to bestow, to receive for oneself, to receive for the sake of another, to give to another, and to give in order to enjoy oneself.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 7/23/21

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