European Parliament: Animals Should Live An Emotional Life

552.03In the News (“European Parliament overwhelmingly backs ban on caged animal farming”): The European Parliament is calling for a ban on caged animal farming, after voting overwhelmingly in favour to end the practice.

“The idea originally came from a European Citizens’ Initiative that was started in September 2018, which has so far gathered nearly 1.4 million signatures in at least 18 member states in support of animal welfare.”

My Response: The European Parliament has nothing better to do. They are ready to turn into animals themselves. They are not far from it. I cannot imagine what else I can say about this! They have so many problems! Europe is decaying and running wild! And they do not see anything.

Question: Do you think that these are signs of the end of Europe?

Answer: This is a collapse! We have already been through all this in ancient Babylon.

Question: What should the parliament be like?

Answer: The European Parliament should think about correcting people and not about bringing animals closer to the human state.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 7/1/21

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