Humans And Animals

Laitman_720Question: Sensory perception in animals is much more developed than in humans: sight, smell, hearing, and touch. Does this mean that they are more developed than humans?

Answer: In our world, animals are much more adapted to nature than people. However, man’s weakness in regard to nature, on the one hand, and his developed intelligence, on the other hand, enables him to adapt all of nature to himself. So this is, as they say, a double-edged sword.

Question: In spirituality, is the sensitivity of animals stronger?

Answer: There are no animals in spirituality. They remain on the animal level, as do those people who have not received the properties of bestowal.

Until we penetrate into the upper world, into the world of bestowal and love, we are considered beasts. After all, until then, we have nothing other than the five senses and a little more intelligence, which lowers us below the level of the animals.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 11/27/16

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