Star Map Of Life

712.03A bright path is tied in the middle of the firmament. This is the serpent of the firmament, called by astronomers, “The Milky Line” (Zohar For All , “Chayei Sarah,” Item 71).

The fact is that the Milky Way is not called that for nothing. This is the path that is determined for us from above by our fate, by the upper providence.

If you do not apply your efforts, you will be moving as if through the milky way from the beginning to the end , along the path of the original serpent. It will always press you hard and thus advance you to the goal because it is the angel of the Creator, His governing force.

However, if you take this upon yourself, then you are above the Milky Way, above the stars! You rise to a completely different level and determine for yourself how to advance.

Then heaven cannot reveal anything to you. It reveals the map of your life when you do not participate in it on your own, when you are forced. However, if you want to rise above these forces, you by yourself write in heaven your own life in heaven.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #16

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