Stars And Forces

65A bright path is tied in the middle of the firmament. This is the serpent of the firmament, called by astronomers, “The Milky Line,” where all the thin stars are tied and stand in it in great numbers. They are gathered and stand in it like myriad, innumerable mountains, and they are appointed over the secret deeds of the people in the world (Zohar for All).

The stars symbolize the upper forces that determine our earthly path from above. Therefore, we believe that the stars determine our fate.

Question: Are you saying that from astrology, the science of astrologers, you can learn something about what happens at the level of matter?

Answer: Sure. Completely. Fortune-tellers, soothsayers can tell you this. But the fact is that they will only talk about events within our world, practically what should be, and not what you can change and fix yourself. And they can’t say anything about what is happening above our world.

Question: If I attract the forces of, say, The Book of Zohar, can I change the story of my life?

Answer: Of Course. Absolutely!

Remark: And I thought that the mise en scene does not change, the attitude changes.

Answer: Your feelings change, the mise en scene changes. Whether you are standing at gunpoint, this is one mise en scene, or you are sitting quietly on the lawn, drinking coffee, enjoying the singing of birds is another mise en scene. It all depends on your choice.

How you change yourself internally will change the external theater, the external environment. You have both an internal and an external state prepared for you of how to advance, either in a good way or in an evil way. It depends on what you choose: either to be pushed with a stick to happiness or to rush to it yourself.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #16

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