How Independence Is Gained

608.01Question: What is independence from the point of view of Kabbalah?

Answer: Independence is gained only in the middle line to the extent that you can rise above your egoism on the one hand and above the property of the property of the Creator on the other hand.

That is, you want to be independent of both your own desire and the desire of the Creator. By rising in the middle line above both of them, you achieve independence.

Our great teacher Baal HaSulam likens this to the example of the guest and the host. Suppose I come to visit you and you treat me to all kinds of food. Let’s say that you, as the Creator, know what I want because you created all the desires in me. You offer me absolutely all the dishes, everything that I can fulfill myself with, in exactly the quantity and quality that was aroused in me in advance.

If I start eating it, I will eventually be subject to my desire. I will not be independent because I am completely dependent on my desire and on you. Even if I refuse, the desire to use this desire and these pleasures will not disappear in me and I will remain dependent on you.

How can I act in order to be independent both of you as the host, as the Creator, and of myself, my egoism, as a creation, a creation, to rise above it, to be above it? Imagine what an opportunity the Creator gives a person! How can this be done?

If I start using my egoism to eat your treats, but not for my own sake (although I enjoy it), but in order to please you, I make you (because you want me to enjoy it) into a consumer, my “client,” a guest. And I myself turn into a master.

Here we get a very interesting reversal of our states, our statuses: I rise above everything. The Creator made it possible for a person, as His beloved child, to rise above himself and above Him in the middle line. In this way, we gain independence, independence, eternity, perfection, and absolute freedom!

The Creator needs us to attain this because He is perfection He cannot create anything imperfect.

Question: Is this state of independence called perfection?

Answer: It is the only perfection.

Comment: On the other hand, we say that we are dependent on each other, that all souls are tied to each other and we are all one organism.

Answer: Yes, we, the creatures, depend on each other, but not on our egoism, which is created in us by the Creator, and not on the Creator Himself.

In order to rise above myself, I need to connect with others, to achieve the quality of “love your neighbor,” the property of bestowal. If I do this by rising above my egoism, which remains in me, and I use it with the quality of bestowal and to become like the host, the Creator who wants to treat me, then I rise above everything and become absolutely independent.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #6

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