On The Middle Ground Between Good And Evil

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: The purpose of creation is to feel the Creator in the same way that you feel a person near you. But is it really possible to feel the Creator this way?

Answer: We are building the spiritual senses (vessels) in us that would enable us to feel the Creator as clearly as we feel a friend. The ability to distinguish the difference, the dissimilarity between myself and someone else is the property that forms within me the ability to feel something outside of me, which is the Creator.

I am put in a state where I can learn what I am as well as what is outside of me. And all of these people are not given to me so I would use them egoistically and find myself a better place in this world. On the contrary, they are given to me so I would use them purposefully: I can bestow to them, thereby learning what bestowal is.

I begin to recognize that other people bear their own reality which is separate from me, and that their purpose is not only in serving me. I attain all these subtleties of perception (what I and another mean), and through this I become capable to feel the Creator.

This is how I justify creation which is created in such a way as to be able to begin attaining reality from the lowest, miserable point (this world), but on the other hand, it is absolutely independent and separate from the spiritual space. This allows me to receive my independence, and from this point I can start attaining reality.

I make restrictions on it by cutting “I” away from me and others, and in the end I establish myself as an independent entity, in the “middle third of Tifferet.” This is when everything is outside of me: good, evil, the Creator, and the created beings. Meanwhile, I lift myself above “me” and become a freely suspended point. After all, I was able to balance all the forces that influence me so they would remain in absolute balance while my “I” was in the middle, soaring in the air!

I remain in the middle absolutely independent and free because the forces that influence me from above and below balance each other. And I made this myself! So I can determine what I myself want while being in this free middle point, the so called “middle line,” the middle third of Tifferet, without tilting either way. I decide that I want the spiritual, the Creator, Who is outside of this entire system. He is the source of everything, and I desire Him.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/14/10, “The Teaching of the Kabbalah and Its Essence”

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