In Likeness To The Spiritual World

530Comment: The great 12th century Kabbalist, philosopher, and doctor Rambam dedicated many of his medical works to meal and food consumption. He said that it is best for a person to use all five senses during the meal. That is, the meal should be accompanied by smells, music, incense, and so on.

My Response: We no longer use incense although small snuff boxes with tobacco for inhaling were very popular among Kabbalists.

Question: What is the reason that a person needs to use all five sensory organs?  This is quite a ceremony.

Answer: Yes, it really is. When the old Kabbalists who studied with Rabash invited me to join their meal, it became a real ceremony for me. I remember that I prepared for it with great inner trepidation. It meant a lot to me.

Comment: Rambam also wrote that it was necessary to chew food carefully or it would harm us. We have teeth for this.

My Response: 32 teeth are like 32 millstones that grind food in order to sort it, prepare it for consumption, and then swallow it. We need to understand the mechanics of the chewing apparatus, why we have lips, tongue, cheeks, how the mouth is arranged, and what all our movements lead to.

We are arranged according to the spiritual world. Our biological body is a consequence of the correlation of spiritual forces with each other. And since from above there must be such a reception of the light into our desires, our body is so designed to absorb food and move toward spiritual reception.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 7/9/21

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