In Order For The Grain To Fall Into The Prepared Soil

231.01Question: It seems to me that you are a little different from lesson to lesson. Does your connection with Rabash work here?

Answer: It works with Rabash, as well as with Baal HaSulam, and all the great Kabbalists of the past.

I feel that I am at the tip of this whole chain and I am passing on its knowledge to you. Therefore, I feel my responsibility and always feel how much I can open up, and how much I can not.

Baal HaSulam writes about this in “Disclosing a Portion, Covering Two.” And I feel it. Therefore, naturally, on one hand, I am a little different every time as if I reveal myself a little, I play the next Kabbalistic card. But on the other hand, I keep something in reserve because all this should be very strictly, gradually dosed.

Today we are talking about what we did not talk about six months ago. And this is manifested because the grain falls into prepared soil. But each time it is necessary to prepare the soil anew, and then drop the grain there.

Question: Does the viewer who watches and listens to our programs help prepare this soil?

Answer: Yes. Maybe indirectly, but he participates with us. This is both his merit and his reward. He will see how such seemingly passive participation attracts and pulls him to the spiritual level.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #21

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