Baal HaSulam—A Revolutionary Scientist

531.02Comment: Baal HaSulam was a revolutionary who performed a dramatic change in the wisdom of Kabbalah. He was strongly hated by some and strongly loved by others, and there was no average attitude toward him.

My Response: Yes, this is true. People who understood him loved him, and those who did not understand him naturally hated him very much. There were even people who used to come to his grave and step on it after he passed away.

Question: Do you think that Baal HaSulam was a revolutionary?

Answer: When I first began to read texts by Baal HaSulam it opened my eyes. I read a lot before that, including the writings of Ramhal, Ramak, the Gaon from Vilnius, and other serious Kabbalists who were popular. They were really great Kabbalists, but I didn’t feel that I received anything from them.

I did not enter their flow and did not understand their language. They did not tell me anything, although I seemingly listened and read books, but it was not the same system of expression that was supposed to clothe unto me.

When I discovered Baal HaSulam, however, I was very impressed by the way he expressed the text, by his system, his revelation, and how he guides the reader by telling him “Look here, look there, now you see the difference, this way or that way,” although I cannot say that I understood everything. It was a feeling of a teacher who studies with you and guides you, plays with you, and answers your questions.

Baal HaSulam’s writings are based mainly on questions and answers. In his articles he first asks questions and then answers them. This is the right thing to do methodically.

Question: You were looking for not a mystical or emotional, but actually for a scientific presentation.

Answer: Yes, of course, only scientific. Everything else was wrong and not true for me, and I thought that I had no need for it and that it was totally unimportant.

Question: How is Baal HaSulam’s modern language expressed scientifically?

Answer: At least in what he said, “In this article I would like to scrutinize these and those questions,” and then listed about 20 questions. Then he gradually clarifies one question after another and arrives at a clear and accurate outcome, and then sums it all up, “to sum up, what we have is this and that.”

As a university graduate and a beginning researcher, this approach was certainly the closest to me and best understood. I understood that he is a serious person and not just some religious person who believes in something and wants to impose his views on me by confusing me. As a methodologist, Baal HaSulam accurately builds a logical chain and a scientific approach.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 3/10/19

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