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275Question: The holiday “Day of Love,” the 15th of Av, has been around for about 3,000 years. People began to celebrate it even before the establishment of the kingdom in Israel, before Jerusalem was conquered. At that time, each tribe of Israel lived in its own territory and they were forbidden to mix.

Therefore, girls who owned land did not marry members of another tribe. Why does the Torah speak about unity and there is such a restriction here?

Answer: The fact is that the connection cannot be without order, without rules. Therefore, it requires a certain framework, boundaries.

The connection exists in order to ensure that all parts of the nation are correctly connected and all parts of the world are also connected correctly around it.

Even if we have a heartfelt desire to connect with each other and become one single whole, this single whole contains all the egoistic shades: rejection, opposition, and hatred. It is necessary to rise above hatred in love: “Love will cover all crimes.”

Nevertheless, hatred remains, otherwise love will have no foundation.

Therefore, the connection consists of two parts: hatred and love. When these qualities are connected correctly, a middle line is formed between them. Only in the correct understanding and in the correct implementation of the opposite parts can we reach the state of a true connection.

Question: Did this help preserve the ethnic particularity of each tribe, their traditions, and customs?

Answer: This helped create the correct connection of the entire people of Israel, that is, a structure that would be in a correct internal dynamic balance, like the organs of the body, each of which works in its own internal mode and is connected to the other organs through certain external connections. Moreover, each organ exists as if by itself, and together they function in such a way that they support the life of the body, which can thus perform its general functions.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States”

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