New Life 600 – The 15th Of Av – The Holiday Of Love

New Life 600 – The 15th Of Av – The Holiday Of Love
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz

What is the connection between the holiday of love and the 9th of Av? Why have we lost the ability to love and how can we reach the complete fulfillment of love in all our relationships?

The 15th of Av is considered one of the most favorable days for Israel. After the revelation of hatred comes the correction of love. Hate and love are two sides of the same matter and the distance between them is very short.
I have created the evil inclination (the 9th of Av); I have created the Torah as spice for it (the 15th of Av).

There is Light in nature, the correcting force. In Av we speak about the love between a couple: the Creator and the created beings; a male and a female, the Light and the desire to receive. If the connection between us is weak, the Creator cannot dwell among us, hug and kiss and mate with us.

The source of evil is the 9th of Av and the source of goodness is the 15th of Av. Good and evil are measured according to our closeness to the Light. Because we have not reached this upper goodness yet, the 15th of Av is interpreted as partnership and that’s all, as something light. Today there are many problems in the relations between us: in a relationship between a couple, in the family, at work, and in the Knesset. This is a state of destruction, the 9th of Av.

Love means filling the desires of others before I fill my own desire. I need to know what the other wants, to feel it, and his or her desire should be more important to me than my own. In spirituality every moment there is awareness of your new partner again, but we lack that. True love is a love that is constantly renewed, endless, and eternal. Love thy friend as thyself is the way to pair with the Creator, and can be exercised in relationships with friends.

A group refers to ten people who connect with love and build the vessel for the revelation of the Shechina between them. Spiritual partnership is when two people feel as one, and the agreement, the understanding, and the complementation between them in their heart and mind. In fact, we should reach this loving relationship not only as a couple but toward everyone. The first tip is: try to feel each other, just as you feel yourselves, try to feel that you are one, in one reality.
From KabTV’s “New Life 600 – The 15th Of Av – The Holiday Of Love,” 7/30/15

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