Moses Is A Spiritual Force Leading To Correction

631.1Question: Moses (the quality of mercy, Hessed) cannot enter the land of Israel because by and large he is not a warrior, right?

Answer: He is a spiritual leader. He cannot exist in the land of Israel since all the parts of the people, i.e., all the egoistic qualities, must break themselves, remake, combine, find the system of anti-egoistic interaction, and be able to connect with each other in the right combinations between them.

They need to eliminate all egoistic inclinations and determine something that is absolutely opposite to them. They should expel those qualities, the so-called nations that existed in the land of Israel before from themselves and leave only the quality of good, love, connection, and mutual support. This work can be performed only in the land of Israel.

Moses, however, cannot work in this way. He only explains it to them. Moses is a great spiritual teacher, a spiritual force that accompanies the people and leads them on to final correction, but does not interfere with their actions.

Starting from entering the land of Israel, they act completely independently, disconnected from all the governing spiritual forces. This is the stage when a person ceases to be a child, passes through youth, grows up, and, as a mature person, begins to live by himself.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 5/19/21

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