At The Entrance To The Land Of Israel: Use Desires For Bestowal

740.01Prophets, Joshua, Chapter 2:1: And Joshua the son of Nun sent two men out of Shittim to spy secretly, saying, Go see the land and Jericho.

Joshua sends spies to the land of Israel for two reasons: the first, in order to know in advance where they are going and the second, to be afraid of the place where they are going because huge new desires are revealed there.

If you can overpower them, then you can conquer the land of Israel, that is, choose those desires that the egoism holds in itself with horrendous force, snatch them from it, and use them for bestowal.

Question: If earlier this verification was not successful because the spies came and said: “We are unable to go up against the people, for they are stronger than we,” is it possible now?

Answer: Yes. However, this is not just another check, but a correction. Therefore, this is not just some action, some game just in case. This is a very serious job.

Frankly speaking, if I imagine the state of being at the entrance to the land of Israel, then I get scared because these are such huge internal egoistic obstacles that shake a person and he must overcome them. But how? Where to get strength from? Unbelievable!

Question: What is the city of Jericho within us?

Answer: It is a terrible city. To this day, it is very problematic. There was even a prophecy that it should not be restored. As you drive up to it, you see what an alien and ancient this place is.

That is, it is a place that is practically impossible to correct. It really is on the border between impurity (Klipa) and holiness (Kedusha). Therefore, Jericho must fall first.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 6/11/21

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