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939.02Baal HaSulam, “The Quality of the Wisdom of the Hidden in General”: “His guidance over the existence of the world are by no more than two equal forces where one who desires their work draws them by enjoying during the work. That pleasure compels them to it, and one who does not want them to work repels them through suffering, when the creature suffers during the work and therefore leaves it.”

When the light descends from top down it influences us and we have to respond to it from the bottom up.

We are constantly between two forces: our reaction and the influence from above. That is the way we are. The goal of our development comes down to becoming similar to the light in our world. We can attain this to the extent that we unite together (∑).

When we yearn to be equal and connected, we draw the upper light unto us to the extent that we resemble the light in our correct mutual connection. It descends unto us to the extent that we raise our desires so that they resemble it.

All the worlds that are between us and the light conceal it from us. The word “world” “Olam” in Hebrew means concealment Alama. This concealment exists in order to totally isolate us from the Creator so that we can resemble all the attributes of the light in our world. He is one, unique, and special, and we need to try to connect between us in the same way.

We try to do it, and so we raise our aspirations, questions, and wishes to the light.

They are called MAN, Mei Nukvin, and then the light descends unto us and begins to correct us.

So the only thing that we need in our world is the desire to connect, but to connect correctly.

This is exactly what we do in every morning lesson. This is how we raise our desires to the upper light, it brings its force unto us, and we thus become increasingly united each day. Try to attend the morning lessons or to watch the recordings of the lessons, and you will see how strongly it influences you.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 2/10/19

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