How To Attain The Creator

622.02Question: The Creator is the root cause. I attain some kind of force that created me. I am the will to receive and there is some force called “the will to bestow.” In order to attain this force, do I need to bestow to the neighbor, that is, to the other person?

Answer: This action is a kind of teaching action, a means to attract upon me the help of this bestowing force, called the Creator, which in this case would simply reformat me.

Question: Does it mean that we cannot contact Him directly, but only through other people?

Answer: No. How can you? You do not have any common qualities, traits, or actions with Him. However, to the extent that you can learn to bestow through the group of other people, you begin to feel the Creator in these actions.

Question: And then I do not need other people, right? Are they just a means?

Answer: In principle, I need other people because only through them do I discover the Creator and can I be connected to Him.

In my final correction, when absolutely all my desires and intentions are corrected inversely from “for my own sake” to “for the sake of others,” I reach the state of my complete correction. That is, from an absolute egoist, the way I am today, I become an absolute altruist, as all our evolution requires of me, which eventually leads us to this.

Thus, the Creator, this force of good, the force of a kind attitude, connection, and love, as if, fills me. This means that I have fully attained the upper world.

Comment: It is not clear why the Kabbalists wrote so secretly about this: “for the sake of the Creator.”

My Response: No, they understood that “for the sake of the Creator” means not for the sake of the stars, not for the sake of the clouds. I believe that the simpler and closer to us we explain it, the better.

Yet, this is still not close. When a person begins to try to do something for the sake of others, he immediately finds himself thinking about himself: “Where am I? What about me? What do I get out of it?” and so on. That is, he understands that here in front of him is a very serious block, an obstacle, some kind of force boundary, a great psychological problem that he simply cannot overcome.

Question: Is the entire point of Kabbalah in this?

Answer: Only in this! We do not need anything else in our world. We suffer in this world only in order for these sufferings to drive us to change of our nature.

Question: That is, to the changing of our intention? What am I doing this action for?

Answer: Yes. Good luck with that!
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States”

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