Exile Is A Call For Redemption

249.03How can we advance from our state in which we are disconnected from the upper spiritual world, from the true reality? After all, we live in a kind of a capsule, trapped inside our egoistic desire and see nothing but that, like a worm living inside a rotten apple.

But any state that is less than the revelation of the Creator who fills all reality is given to us in order to rise from it to the state of full revelation of the upper force within us and around us.

Therefore, the exile is a call for redemption. The Creator deliberately gives us such states where we do not feel anything good, but we feel them as dark, unpleasant, incomprehensible, confusing, that is, negative. And all this in order to advance us or we would not move.

After all, we are at the animate level, and when the beast feels good, it does not require anything more. The beast is not able to desire anything beyond its limits because this whole world revolves around food, sex, family, money, honor, and knowledge. All these desires belong to the animate level because at the human level a person dreams of becoming like the Creator.

Therefore, we need to gather strength to rise above the animate level. And if a person feels the taste of exile in his work, that is, if he feels that he is separated from the Creator, wants to attain Him, and know Him but cannot, then he wants to get out of this exile. And then he must believe that in any place where he is, the Shechina is with him, that is, the Creator is near.

It is the Shechina that gives me the taste of exile. Right now when I feel myself falling and far away from the Creator, the Creator seems to be saying to me: “Look where you are! You can come closer to Me.” The Creator gives the taste of exile to the one He wants to bring closer to Him.

Therefore, one should not treat the feeling of exile with neglect and be angry with the Creator for such states. On the contrary, we should thank the Creator for awakening us now and showing us the distance that separates us from Him.

It is necessary to taste the exile before liberation. Before the Creator appears, there must be a sense of His lack. Every moment of your life should be directed to the search for the upper force: “Where is the Creator in the concealment that I now feel? Where can He reveal Himself in my life, in my world?” After all, the Creator is close to me, but only the posterior side is turned to me.

It turns out that there are no ups and downs and all this is the game of the Creator. This is what we do with babies when we teach them to walk, we put them on the floor in front of us and take a step back. And the baby cries in fear until he takes a step forward. But then we pull back again, and he cries even more. It seems to him that he is about to fall into our arms and we are again moving away. And he thinks we are cruel and have abandoned him.

This is how we teach him to take his first steps until he learns to walk and happily runs to meet us. The same thing happens to us with the Creator, according to the same example.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/3/21, “Chasing the Shechina

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