Surrender To Win

197.01If we were able to defeat the evil inclination that confuses us, if we could rise against it like heroes and were able to bestow, if we could capture our will to receive and bend it, then we would only increase our egoism. It would have inflated even more!

Therefore, there is no way to reach bestowal unless through a special transition. We discover that the will to receive is not worthy of anything, but we cannot overcome it.

Therefore, we depend on the upper force, which is outside of us. We cling to this upper force and want to grow only with its help, as if we enter the womb of the upper degree as an embryo and there we completely nullify ourselves, we wish that the upper one will mold us into whatever form it wants.

In this form, we are already beginning to grow on the other side of the Machsom in the quality of bestowal.

There is no choice. We must give up and raise our hands, as it is written: “And it came to pass that the sons of Israel sighed because of the work, and they cried out, and their cry because of the work went up to God … and God heard their groaning.” However, this is only after we have done everything possible and have reached a complete breakdown, the point where we cannot continue like this. What we can do is only to cry out to the Creator. And it will be a perfect cry because we are sure that we depend only on the upper force and have no chance to reach what we want with our own forces.

This cry is actually from the unsuccessful work, that is, it requires at least a group, a ten, and only then can we reach a true cry and receive the help of the upper force, the reforming light, which takes us from the intention for our own sake to the intention for the sake of bestowal. Thus, we escape Egypt.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/11/21, “Pesach (Passover)”

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