On The Other Side Of The Final Sea

749.02Passover is an extremely important holiday, a state underlying the entire spiritual development of man. Passover means a transition, that is, we leave one place and enter another; we make the transition from the desire to receive for our own sake to the desire to receive for the sake of bestowal.

The direction of this desire changes: to bestow upon one’s neighbor and through it to bestow upon the Creator.

That is why Passover is so important to us. It builds the whole foundation of a spiritual person. By the fact that a person is drawn to learn more about this holiday, you can feel a strong spiritual foundation in him.

The desire to become like the Creator is expressed in a request to Him to correct our egoistic desire: for its restriction, for the screen that does not allow us to use the desire for our own sake, and for its gradual transition into the desire for bestowal.

All this happens with the help of the reforming light called the light of Passover. These are the upper forces that come to us, and just like an adult takes a child by the hand and leads him, so the light takes us out of our egoistic desire to the desire for bestowal. This transition is called the exodus from Egypt.

There is nothing more important in spiritual development than getting out of Egypt. Therefore, all subsequent actions of bestowal are based on the memory of leaving Egypt, that is, they became possible because we made this transition from egoism to bestowal.

This action is caused by the reforming light, that is, a special illumination of the Creator from above to give, which affects us more and more, and grows the desire to achieve bestowal in us. We begin to feel unimportant in this world although it would seem that we have everything for egoistic fulfillment. But we want something more.

We do not yet know what we are missing, but we are approaching the desire for bestowal. In this way, the Creator brings us closer to Him from afar, from within our egoism He grows a sprout of the desire for bestowal, one form within another.

Then we will learn to attract the light that reforms and we will see its action in ourselves: how it overturns the egoistic desire, makes a restriction on it, and then directs it to bestowal. It is in those places, in the desires, where we sought egoistic fulfillment that we now want to be filled altruistically.

It is like a child growing up. While he is small, he just grabs everything and pulls it to himself. But when he grows up, he understands that it is by connecting with others that you can fulfill yourself more, and by giving to someone you love, you get fulfillment yourself. Even in this world we find that it is possible to enjoy the actions of bestowal. Thus, a person gradually grows from the animate to the human level.

Exiting Egypt, from egoism into the desire to bestow, is the beginning of man’s true spiritual development. Therefore, this is a very difficult and lengthy process, and until a person goes through it in all the details assigned to him according to the root of his soul, he will not be worthy to leave Egypt.

In essence, all of humanity goes through these stages of development. That is why we exist in this world. But there are people who have already felt the need to know the root of life, the spiritual root. Therefore, we only have to actualize this exit into spirituality: to finish the whole process of development in Egypt, in our egoistic desire, to hate it, that is, to realize its evil and to pray to the Creator.

Then the Creator will act on us with a special light, a force that can pull us out of egoism and into bestowal. And if we unite to be one nation, one group, we will come out of our egoistic intention and feel that we are rising above it to the force of bestowal. Then we will begin to experience the spiritual world beyond Egypt, beyond the waters of the Final Sea.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/10/21, “Pesach (Passover)”

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