Coercion Or Spiritual Elevation?

628.3There are several rules in the spiritual development of a person. One of them is that there is no coercion in spirituality.

However, how can a person develop if he does not receive some control signals, signals that control you and your impact on others, as feedback?

When can we determine whether there is coercion or not? Only when there is a desire and a person is not forced to act against his desire, but is put in such a state when he is forced to make the correct choice.

After all, in principle, we can say that in our world a child is constantly being coerced: “Go to school! Do something! Do not bite your nails! Do not pick your nose!” And much more.

Is it coercion or education? What is the difference between education and coercion? It is in the fact that they explain to you why they put pressure on you. This is already called education. It is the same in Kabbalah.

The main thing that happens in Kabbalah is the gathering of people in tens, when its leader, who is not part of the ten but is outside of it, tells the others what they should do. And they, as if at the command of a coach, must perform certain actions because they want to achieve a certain spiritual state.

Therefore, coercion in spirituality is only when a person coerces himself. It can be, on the contrary, a very pleasant state if he is in a group and takes an example from it, the group helps him. At that, he uses envy, jealousy, inspiration, excitement, and so on.

In such positive and negative influences of one person upon another in the ten, people can reach states where they do not feel that they are putting pressure on themselves, but on the contrary, they are always in spiritual elevation.

Therefore, if a person feels that he is acting involuntarily, under pressure, reluctantly, and unwillingly, this only indicates that he has incorrectly organized his spiritual environment.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States”

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