Both Joy And Sorrow Equal Perfection

923Question: There are two states in our world. It turns out that I am either in joy or in hatred. Right?

Answer: Yes, at any level, not necessarily in sensation. It can be physical or any condition.

Question: Can it be both cold and warm at the same time? This does not happen physically.

Answer: But cold or warmth is felt in relation to a person. Kabbalah speaks of two physical parameters, which, in principle, may have nothing to do with it.

But all the same, he must bring them to a state so that they complement each other because one cannot exist without the other. Therefore, only their joint connection is perfection. This is not just a balance between two contradictions, but a third, new state.

Question: You once gave an example of this on a gustatory level: all vegetables have different tastes, and if you make soup out of them, you get something completely different.

Could you give another example from our life, what is conflict resolution?

Answer: In our life, we use it very little. Let us say we go through severe sufferings, and then we understand that thanks to them we have come to a state of light, joy, satiety, and pleasure.

Question: But does this happen at the same time.

Answer: Of course. This can be at the same time only if we begin to realize and master spiritual properties.

Kabbalah allows us to simultaneously feel sweetness and bitterness, joy, and sorrow. Therefore, in the spiritual world we can feel the combination of two opposite properties, and, according to Kabbalistic calculations, it gives us a feeling that is 620 times greater than in the material world.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States”

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