A Life Without Pain And Suffering

294.4Comment: The pain that we feel physically goes all the way to consciousness through the brain. And the intensity of the pain depends on my attitude to it.

In the burn department of a hospital in Illinois, virtual reality is used: When changing bandages for patients, the patients wear virtual glasses. And instead of thinking about burns, they play with snowballs, and the pain is reduced.

Right now, humanity is in pain. It becomes physical. What should a person think about in order to reduce this pain or somehow cancel it? What “virtual glasses” should I wear?

My Response: I think the best thing is to think about how nature is leading us to a brighter future. The most beautiful thing in our time is that there are no personalities in history here, but nature itself takes us and kneads us like this, like dough.

Question: So in order to cope with this pain, what do I have to realize?

Answer: Realize what nature does. It leads us by its plan. For the first time in the history of mankind, nature simply takes us by the ear, like a boy, and leads us forward to the right place.

Question: That is, if at the moment of this pain that I am experiencing now, I begin to build this reality that it is nature that leads us all to a very bright future, to a good relationship, to a world of light, a world of warmth, then my pain will begin to decrease?

Answer: It will stop! Because the pain depends on the fact that you do not see the goal ahead. And if there is a goal, then the goal must absorb the pain.

When we do things, they can be pleasant or unpleasant. If we examine our body, we will see that there is no difference between pleasure and suffering. In the feeling inside the person, no difference. It is only in his idea of what it leads to, what it is.

Question: And then the suffering begins, that it all leads me to the end, I will disappear and that’s it?

Answer: Absolutely. And if you imagine that this leads you to a huge gain, to pleasure, then you are ready not only to endure it, you are ready to prolong it and even enjoy it.

Why am I saying this? It all depends on how we set up society. We have a relatively small problem here. If society is set up in such a way that nature itself leads us to a good future, to an arrangement, to a life without problems, if we show such films, such pictures of the future, then people will be able to experience all this relatively easily.

Question: So the pain will stop then and they will start moving toward this future?

Answer: Yes, and we do not deceive them. People went into battle to the death for the future, for the sake of imaginary values that people invented. And here is nature itself.

It is a movement toward the equivalence of nature. To the integral universal relation, connection. This means that a person will exist in the most comfortable environment. It’s a billion times better than in the womb, because you know it.

All of nature, all of humanity, all that exists in the cosmos and in all the worlds, all this surrounds you with a good wrapping.

Question: And this scenario should be built?

Answer: We are approaching it, in fact, but we can accelerate this movement.

Question: Is this what pain is given to a person for?

Answer: Otherwise, he wouldn’t have realized. A person can only attain one thing from the other. Therefore, now we feel confusion, pain, and so on, in order to rise above it and feel truly connected, love, and perfection.

Question: Is this what it is called to rise above the pain?

Answer: Yes.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 10/29/20

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