Will We Manage To Reach The End Of Correction?

290Question: There are people who engage in studying the wisdom of Kabbalah for many years, who dedicate their lives to it, but do not manage to reach the goal of going through all the 125 levels. The end of correction seems hard to attain and even impossible and there are only two hundred and fifty years left until the end of correction.

What will happen to humanity if people do not manage to reach the end of correction during this time?

Answer: You are wrong. The fact is that the process of social development is greatly accelerated today and so is the motion forward.

For example, in the EU nothing has happened after 20 years! Although this is the most developed, most advanced and educated part of the world. It is not America, and not even Russia, it is Europe! It is an ancient, historical, cultural, and technological region where everything is concentrated: art, music, science, and education, all this is Europe!

What is America? How old is it? One hundred and fifty years ago, they still scalped people there. It only seems to us that it was a long time ago, yet in fact it is not, but we are simply developing very quickly.

What is Russia? One hundred years ago, they still plowed fields with horses and died of hunger.

Europe is still Europe! What has been happening there in the last twenty years? They have been trying to unite and that is it; now they are already falling. Liberalism and democracy are quickly destroying Europe!

They have done this in twenty years and there are still two hundred years ahead of us. So, we will manage to reach correction. I am absolutely sure of that.

Nature has prepared everything so that it is actually in the last phases that our advancement becomes qualitative and not quantitative. Now we will see how we are pushed forward each year and how we are led to break through forward.

We will manage to do it!
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 1/13/19

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