Transition To Different Levels Of Consciousness

738Question: At the level of inanimate nature, particles, for example, electrons, obey the laws of physics. Is this their sense of the higher information field?

Answer: Yes, they absolutely, completely, blindly follow the instructions of this field, the instructions of the Creator.

Question: And how does the transition to higher levels of consciousness take place, say, from vegetative to animate?

Answer: In this case, desire jumps to a completely new level. If the still level only cares about its constant state and does not want to change in any way, then the vegetative level, on the contrary, treats the environment creatively. According to its nature, it wants to receive as much beneficial things as possible and to expel everything that is harmful to it, and thus grow.

The next, animate level is even greater. In order to get something beneficial from the surrounding world and give back everything unnecessary or harmful to it, the animal develops movement, special properties for absorption, excretion, and so on.

And man is already working at the highest level, the spiritual level. The difference between a human and the previous animate level is that he must work consciously, with desire, with intention, but not physically.

Question: It turns out that the field increases egoism so much that it manifests itself as a change in the structure of a material object. That is: plants uniting form animate tissues, and they are already capable of realizing this desire?

Answer: Yes. Not only the number of elements in the atom increases, but the atoms themselves and the molecules themselves, their combinations, become completely different. Their combinations acquire a new essence. This is not only their collection and some new physicochemical properties, but they are really capable of memorizing, giving out information, and exchanging it among themselves. This is how active, radioactive elements, etc. appear.

We see how still, vegetative, and animate nature gradually develop. All transitions from level to level and intermediate states that appear during transitions between these properties are explained in Kabbalah.

Question: Is all this is unambiguously controlled by Reshimot (information records)? Are there no coincidences?

Answer: Everything is determined to such a tiny scale that we cannot observe it. But this is absolutely clearly legitimized in nature.
From KabTV’s “Meetings with Kabbalah” 3/22/19

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