The Ten Commandments And The Act Of Creation

243.05Comment: The Book of Zohar says that the Ten Commandments correspond to the ten acts of creation.

My Response: The Ten Commandments are the ten main criteria by which we need to build a model of our inner image, which is called “Adam” from the word “Domeh” – “similar to the Creator.”

So we need to understand what the Ten Commandments are. Or is it “don’t steal” somewhere on the street? Or “thou shalt not kill” in a doorway? Or don’t flirt with your neighbor’s wife? Or are we talking about some special, internal changes of a person as a result of which he really becomes equal to the Creator?

A commandment is a corrected egoistic spiritual quality of a person. In other words, we must gradually discover in ourselves the opposite image of the Creator, which is called impure (Klipa), the opposite of Him, and change it to one similar to the Creator.

This change in our qualities is called the fulfillment of the commandment.

We have 613 such qualities. Therefore, we must make 613 corrections. But as long as you don’t see a single quality in the person of our world that is opposite to the Creator, there is simply nothing in him.

The 613 commandments are divided into ten. That is, they are grouped into ten groups.

As for the act of creation, it is tied to the commandment, since the Creator created man as a wax seal, imprinting Himself in the opposite form: What is convex in print has become concave.

So the Creator stamped Himself in the material of creation, making the opposite quality of Himself. There are 613 positive qualities in the Creator that are aimed at bestowal, love, and emanation. And in us, it all manifests itself in the opposite form: in receiving, satiating, despising everyone, using everyone and everything, in pride, competition, etc.

The Creator simply took all His qualities and imprinted them in us in the reverse form.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #10

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