Reason—A Derivative Of Egoism

249.01Rabash, “He who Hardens His Heart“: It follows from the words of The Zohar that Pharaoh means within reason, that it seems irrational that they would be able to exit their authority, unless through faith above reason, for this power cancels all the powers in the world.

We cannot, with our egoistic mind, realize what we must come to: from one stage to understand another stage. Just as a child cannot understand how adults perceive the world, but we force him and he agrees because there is still a natural tendency in him to accept what adults tell him even  though he does not grasp it.

It is impossible, while at a lower level, to understand a higher level. Therefore, our entire path goes, as they say, in faith above reason, when we accept the properties of the higher levels as the highest and wish to absorb them in ourselves to become like them even without understanding their greatness and peculiarities.

Question: Reason cannot operate because it is under the power of our egoism and obeys it?

Answer: Reason is a derivative of egoism. Therefore, based only on reason, it is impossible to get out of the animate state we find ourselves in.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 3/26/21

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