What Is Reason And What Is Faith?

Laitman_177.06Question: What is reason and what is faith?

Answer: Faith is the quality of bestowal that appears in a person because of one’s efforts and, in accordance with them, through the influence of the upper light. It is not our corporeal quality when I give because I am going to gain something from it, otherwise I cannot give.

However, when I am lifted above my egoism, then to the extent of the ascent, I indeed receive the quality to bestow gratuitously, selflessly. This is called the quality of Bina, the quality of faith.

Reason is when we act in bestowal, and from the fact that we bestow, we begin to understand and feel what our equivalence to the Creator is and begin to attain Him. Reason is the light of Hochma. Thus, we begin to attain both lights: the light of Hassadim and the light of Hochma. And the light of Hochma is clothed in the light of Hassadim.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 12/22/19

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