Amalek The Guard

566.02Amalek is a property very close to us. And although it seems to be an absolute evil, an obstacle that must be destroyed erasing even the memory of it, it is known that the Creator did not create anything superfluous, everything is only for the benefit of our development.

And therefore Amalek is a property that helps us grow correctly and protects us all the time. As if we are walking along the road and wherever we can fall, go astray, thorns stick out, he warns us not to step there. This is how Amalek constantly guides us in the right direction.

The desire comes from Amalek and unwillingness also comes from him. Amalek means for my own sake (Al MenAt LEKabel),  an egoistic desire. It is written: “I have created the evil inclination; I have created the Torah as a spice.” The evil inclination stands directly against the Torah, the upper light, and both of them work on us to direct us toward the middle line between the two.

We must treat Amalek with respect as a very important property without which we would not be separated from the Creator and would never become creatures. After all, thanks to the evil inclination that pushes us away from the Creator and incites us against Him, we begin to notice the Creator. Amalek helps us by opposing the Creator, revealing His properties, and showing how you can find them instead of the properties of Amalek, that is, the egoistic intention.

Amalek skillfully shows us how much we care only about ourselves and demonstrates to us that we must act in opposition to this. Thus, he teaches us the skill in this work. We will learn how to work with our evil inclination and use it correctly, because it is this inclination that helps us become like the Creator.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/18/21, “Amalek”

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