Amalek Points The Way To The Creator

547.02Amalek is a force that supposedly pushes me away from spirituality provided that I really strive for it. It forces me to strengthen my aspiration and look for a way to connect with the Creator so that He will give me the good force with which I can fight Amalek, overcome him, and come to the Creator.

Amalek is help against us. He helps me figure out how to reach the Creator by standing in my way and telling me that he will not let me enter the Creator. If it were not for Amalek, I would not even know that this road leads to the Creator and that it is possible to reach Him.

And suddenly Amalek appears and says: “I will not let you get closer to the Creator!” That is, he gives me direction, reveals that this is the way to go, but he simply does not allow me to move forward. Amalek shows me that I do not have the strength to advance yet and that I need to gain it that I need to turn to the Creator and strengthen myself in the group. I will thus gather my strength to step forward and fight against Amalek.

What is Amalek doing? He shows me the way to the Creator in reverse form! He says: “This is the path, but you don’t have the strength to walk it, you are not able to.”

Try to take a step toward the group, to really get closer to your friends, and you will see that you are standing in front of a wall that cannot be broken. There is no choice but to turn to the Creator. In this way, Amalek brings me closer to the Creator, he shows me that I cannot do it on my own.

Amalek appears only when I am already out of the desire to receive, out of the power of Pharaoh, and I want to come to the Creator. Amalek fights against my intention for the sake of bestowal. This is a very important force without which it is impossible to rise in spirituality. Only at the end of correction do we finally defeat Amalek, by correcting all our intentions for the sake of bestowal.

And if the evil forces would disappear before that time, I would not know where to go, just as is happening with all of humanity now. There is so much more to learn from such blows like the coronavirus pandemic, wars, and other problems in order to finally agree that it is enough fighting with each other, to destroy all weapons, and start living in peace.

This is very difficult to do because a person has nothing but egoistic desires, as it is said that the Creator created the evil inclination. And if I want to get out of egoism, I also need the Torah, the light of correction.

If I turn to the Creator, I receive the strength from Him to fight against Amalek. This is why the Creator awakens Amalek, he forces me to turn to the Creator for help. The Creator plays from both sides.

To the extent that a person strives to achieve bestowal, connection, and spirituality, he discovers an obstacle according to his level. Amalek are egoistic intentions. This is not just a preference for material fulfillment but a force that opposes the power of bestowal, the power of connection, the inner basis of correction.

Amalek is a higher Klipa than Pharaoh. Pharaoh is the general desire to enjoy, and Amalek relates to the individual path. When the people of Israel come out of Egypt and want to reach the land of Israel through the desert, Amalek appeared before them. That is, already being on the right path, in the right direction, with right intentions, an obstacle arises called Amalek, which means for the sake of egoistic reception (Al Menat Lekabel).

The more a person wants to be in the intention for bestowal, the more the “help against him,” the egoistic intention, manifests itself. It is a Klipa that protects the Kli, the spiritual fruit, by helping it to attain holiness. We see that all fruits grow inside a peel, which preserves them during ripening. Until the fruit is ripe, the peel protects it and prevents pests from getting inside. And when the fruit ripens, the need for the peel disappears and it becomes a part of the fruit itself.

Amalek appears at all levels of the development of the desire to enjoy and gives it the opportunity to grow properly. As we move forward, we will see that the Creator constantly guides us and tells us how to work with the states we go through. All of them are given to a person only to help him achieve his goal. Nothing harmful has been created in the world. There is nothing wrong with a person, but he simply does not know how to use what the Creator has given him.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/18/21, “Amalek”

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