Why Do I Hate Myself?

962.1Comment: I am a teacher at higher educational institutions. My methodology is completely based on the ideology of integral education. Very often, after classes, a male or a female student comes to me and starts to pour out their hearts and to talk about all their problems. The most pressing question for them is: “Why do I hate myself?”

My Response: This question arises when our desires do not coincide with our capabilities: I want something huge, much more than I can achieve, and I hate myself because of it. As a rule, this applies primarily to young people.

If we talk about older people, then such a question may appear to them when they start digging into their past: how I offended someone, how I treated my parents, how unfairly I said something to someone, I swore, I shouted. This also gives rise to a certain hatred of oneself, of one’s weaknesses, which a person is not able to overcome. This all creates such sediment that always pours out in self-criticism.

I do not know how justified it is. According to Kabbalah, it is not. Because everything that descends from above comes from the Creator. What has happened until now came down from above, and I could not have acted differently. But what happens from this moment onward depends on me. Therefore, there is no room for hatred.
From KabTV’s “Integral World” 13/7/18

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