In The Circle Of Mutual Pleasure

239Comment: In our world, it is generally believed that love is when you give all of yourself to the person you love. While in the example of guest and host, some kind of rational relationship is proposed, very similar to Western families that condone independence: “This is yours and that is mine.”

My Response: No, this isn’t so. The fact is that there is absolute love on the part of the Creator. He created us with all our desires and He wants to fulfill them without any condition. And it’s the same on our side. I want to use all my desires to fill Him. I want to give myself completely to bring Him contentment. Isn’t it love? This is complete bestowal.

Even though there is tremendous egoism in me, huge inner desires, terrible qualities, I actualize them precisely by using them to bestow, I rise above them in their realization in bestowal.

And it turns out that I rise above all these desires in complete love and surrender rather than calculating Western love, because the calculation is made only with my ego: What is the most it can be used for in order to bestow to the host? While the host uses my egoism to “feed” me as much as possible.

Question: But this ability must be acquired because it is not given so easily from birth. How do I achieve the ability to discern where to use this power or not, and how to use it?

Answer: The light that reforms, which comes from the Creator, reveals our inner selves to us in such a way that I begin to feel all my traits, qualities, strengths, thoughts, and desires. I begin to combine all the traits within myself so that each time Hesed, Gevura, Tifferet, Netzach, Hod, Yesod, and Malchut would rise to Keter, Hochma, and Bina.

I begin to work inside myself, with my inner tools, and thus develop my soul. These are the parts of my soul. I work with them, literally, like with tweezers, use a little more of this, less of that, and figure out how I can apply myself in a different way to maximize bestowing to the Creator at each moment.

And gradually I get into a state where I fixate myself on Him. He becomes like my partner, He sets Himself up toward me, as I set myself toward Him.

I start strategizing how to achieve the maximum mutual realization in this circle of interactions, when He fully manifests Himself as a source of pleasure and I fully manifest myself as a source of receiving this pleasure in order to please Him by enjoying it.

That is, I practically convey to Him only my thought: the reason why I enjoy it. Physically, I receive all the fulfillment within myself.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #6

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