I Am The Receiver And The Giver

608.02Comment: It is said, “Adhere to the Creator.” Our dream is to reveal the Creator in our sensations. At the same time, you say that we will become independent of Him. There is some kind of contradiction in this.

My Response: Indeed, we are given two contradictory lines, the right one and the left one, above which we build the third, which is the middle line consisting of both of them, and at the same time above them.

The quality of complete bestowal and love is the right line, the quality of egoism and hatred is the left line, and using them, I build the middle line above them.

There is egoism, anger, greed, and envy inside me, I want to receive everything. And in you, as a host, on the contrary, there is bestowal and absolute love, and I can take them from you. You are completely ready to give everything. However, if I use you with my egoism, then I depend on you.

In addition, my humiliation is revealed here. This is what we see in the world today, depression and everything else, as a result of the upper quality, of the quality of the so-called upper shame.

To rise above this, I must completely nullify your influence on me. I can only do this when I apply both qualities. At the same time, I fully use my egoism, I receive everything that is possible from you, I pass through myself the pleasure that comes from you, but in order to give contentment to you.

As a result, I do not become a receiver, because I receive only for your sake. I am the giver because I give everything to you. And you turn into a receiver.

I am the receiver and the giver. You are the receiver and the giver. We become absolutely equal to each other. Then there is absolutely no difference between us at the degrees of “creation – Creator.” I fully reach the degree equal to you.

Moreover, since here I am the leader, the creator of this new relationship, I become even higher than you. After all, I manage the whole process: I create it, I invent it, and I implement it.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #6

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