Experiment On Conscience

294.4Question: When you speak about the perception of reality, you suggest a special game—viewing from different sides, how would I act if I think like an egoist or how would I act if I think like an altruist?

Do you think this technique can be used in everyday life in relation to ordinary things, as an experiment?

Answer: I think that if we would build a small society in which we could do exercises on correct, kind relationships between people, we would discover stunning possibilities in the area of the mind, perception, and evaluation of life and human existence and we would develop completely different abilities.

If we could put a person in the conditions of telling the truth, treating others with kindness, and so on, it would be interesting what tools would be enabled there: connections, systems in our psychology, and the ability to feel the world.

I think that then we would begin to feel the world as much wider and deeper, using precisely those possibilities of our perception that are somehow automatically hidden from us today.

If we were more connected to each other, we would see everything as through others. We would develop not just a greater perception of reality, but it would become collective, as, for example, ten people together looking each from himself, from different points, but observing one object. How would we perceive it then, if we were tied to each other by the above-egoistic ties?

I think it would be very interesting to set up such an experiment and see what is there in our consciousness. Indeed, in fact, there are huge hidden opportunities in it, but we cannot extract them since now we are very limited in their use.
From KabTV”s “Together about the Main Thing” 9/2/18

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