For “Physicists” And “Lyricists”

138Question: There are textbooks in Kabbalah where the material is presented with diagrams and calculations that appeal to the mind, and on the other hand there are books that appeal to our feelings, for example: Attaining the Worlds Beyond. Is it better to appeal to logic or feelings? Or perhaps to study these books simultaneously?

Answer: The fact is that a person consists of thoughts and desires, heart and mind. There are people who have more developed feelings, and there are those who have more developed conceptual thinking, “physicists” and “lyricists.” Therefore, Kabbalistic books are written either with emotional or logical approaches.

Later, these two paths come together to aid us in the revelation of the world. And it turns out that the most important thing is the feeling perception, because we are still built from desires although they are controlled and directed through the mind. The right combination between the mind and the heart gives us an idea of what man is.

I came to the science of Kabbalah through logic. My first major was biomedical cybernetics. I graduated from Leningrad University. The discipline itself determined my attitude toward the world.

So I was looking for an answer as to how the world works. What is this system that moves, controls us, has its own unshakable laws that are above us? How should I interact with it and it with me, because through these laws we can find out who or what we are, where we are headed, and what is happening to us? Can we influence it? And so on.

These questions led me to Kabbalah because I could not find a serious, direct answer to it anywhere, while Kabbalah answered them in an absolutely clear, realistic, and I would say, dry way. It appealed to me. In other words, I was interested in clarity and truthfulness, not psychological, but technical.

I wrote the book Attaining the Worlds Beyond in 2 to 3 weeks. It just spilled out of me in one general emotion, which is why people perceive it that way.

In addition, we have serious books with diagrams. Kabbalah reveals the system of the universe. It is the physics of the entire world, which is revealed to our senses, and also what we will reveal in the higher senses that we should develop in the attribute of bestowal rather than in the quality of reception.
From KabTV’s “Questions about Kabbalistic Books” 10/22/19

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